The Hong Kong retail silversmith WAI KEE 惠記 [in Mandarin: HUI JI] is one of the few retailers that truly spans three centuries; founded in 1885, the firm is still operating in almost the same location by Pedder Street with the same specialities of pearls, jewellery and what has become known as Chinese export silver […]

META-MUSEUM: CHINESE EXPORT SILVER – The East-West Divide 中國出口銀器:東西方的分裂

 CHINESE EXPORT SILVER: The East-West Divide 中國出口銀器:東西方的分裂 Well into his third year of research, Adrien von Ferscht has always maintained a deep appreciation of the neo-classical Chinese Export Silver – a product of the late 18th/early 19th centuries. As his research has progressed, he has become increasingly aware of the trend of the majority of Chinese […]

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