Chinese Qing Dynasty Silver Judaica 中国清代银制犹太文物

Chinese Silver & Metallurgy Research Centre

January 2015 – The body of work carried out by Adrien von Ferscht of the past 6 years is considerable and spans several academic disciplines.

Although Chinese Export Silver and the 1400-year History of Chinese Silver in general have been the main focus, because Chinese silver presents as an ideal vehicle with which to demonstrate allied tangental subjects, it is vital the field of study becomes multi-disciplinary. What would normally be considered a History of Art subject, the overall research encompasses areas such as Socio-Ethnography, Economics,  Jewish History, Mercantile and Maritime History, Archeology, History of the China Trade, Scottish History, English History, American History and of course Chinese History. To this mix, Metallurgy, Archeometallurgy, Archaeometry, Archaeology and allied connected research areas have now been added.

Since no other world silver category has this capability, Chinese Export Silver is therefore unique in the family of global silver categories.

The 4th Edition “Chinese Export Silver 1785-1940 – The Definitive Collectors’ Guide” is a body of work of over 1000 pages and has been generally received as being a seminal source for both the history of this important silver category as well as a reference for individual silversmiths, both retail and manufacturing. Research, however, continues and further editions are planned for the future.

The new Research Hub aims to build academic bridges with appropriate and relevant university departments and academics around the world and will be led by Adrien von Ferscht and associate researcher Dr Chao Huang.

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